Bobby Mason is the CEO & Founder of, a crowd solving platform that will use college students to change the world of innovation, and an active general partner at Educating Entrepreneurs and Epayre.

In 2014 & 2015, Bobby identified a growing trend in the educational space, creating two small technology companies that he later sold in 2016 before college graduation. Bobby was also acting CEO in a landscaping company from 2010 - 2018, a non-profit from 2013-2017, and an automated degree planning software from 2014-2016. He is also an active real estate investor, small business advisor, occasional speaker, and podcast host (The Bobby Mason Audio Experience).


In 2010, Bobby started his entrepreneurial journey by founding Three Timbers, LLC. Three Timbers, LLC started with a group of three young kids and grew to a company with 20+ employees. Bobby's role as CEO, put him in charge of the daily operations of Three Timbers: overseeing all major projects, marketing services, customer relations, and business development.

While at college, Bobby continued to grow Three Timbers, shifting the companies main focus from commercial landscaping to waterfront restoration; which consisted of scuba technicians that pulled lake weeds, certified teams that restored residential lake shores, and sales people selling HydroSweep Pros.


Bobby really started to buy in to the entrepreneurial lifestyle once he entered college. During those four years in college (2012-2016), he started nine businesses, raised $2 million in funding, sold two small tech companies, and failed epically at several more.

He became hooked. The lifestyle was different, the hustle was real, and the connections made through his entrepreneurial journey left him wanting more!


In 2016, Bobby married his high school sweetheart, took a breather, and focused on his mission: "A universe where real-world experience is a fundamental of every good college education."

With that mission in mind, Bobby started yet another innovative company, this time in the tech industry. Partnering with Michael Mason and Ian Hess, is being built as a platform that connects companies and college students. Using as guidance, students will leverage design thinking methodologies to solve these companies’ biggest problems.

Bobby also jumped in on several other projects between 2016-2018, including: